Call for Proposals

 All junior researchers (master and PhD-students, as well as graduates who have received their doctorate within the last two years) can apply for participation in the 13th JURE Conference. If you want to participate, please, see the call for proposals and send a proposal due November 27, 2009. 
 Proposals should consist of an abstract (300 words at maximum) and an extended summary (1000 words at maximum, including references). Your proposal will be accepted, rejected or offered an alternative presentation format. The decision will be e-mailed to you by January 25, 2010.

To make sure that we can accept as many proposals as possible, we want to encourage you to choose the most appropriate format for the phase of your research. People who choose the right format will have a bigger chance to get accepted than proposals for which we have to offer an alternative format. Therefore, please keep in mind the following guidelines:
  • Applying for a paper presentation is only possible if you have a finished literature study or empirical study. This means that you have to show in your proposal that you already are in the stage of interpreting your data. Papers will not be published on this website.
  • Furthermore, you have to be sure that you will be able to write a full paper until March 22, 2010. During the presentation the focus will be on presenting your results and there is limited time for discussion.
  • For research in progress a poster presentation as well as a round table discussion is a very suitable format. During a round table discussion you will have the chance for an in-depth discussion of your outcomes, the design of your research project or research in progress.
  • If your research project deals with the use of technological tools for educational purposes, an ICT demonstration might be a suitable format. During ICT demonstration sessions you will have the chance to provide interactive hands-on activities for participants.
 The JURE organizing committee will evaluate your proposal according to the proposal review criteria. 
 Note: It is possible to submit two proposals on different topics for different presentation formats. When both proposals meet the standards to get accepted, we will offer you to present the highest valued proposal. Only when we have space left in our schedule for extra presentations, we will offer you to present both proposals. In order to submit two proposals you will have to go through the online submission system twice. 
 Actively Take Part in the Peer Feedback Process 
 As a participant of the 13th JURE Conference, you are expected to take part in the feedback procedure and to comment on one paper, poster or round table/ICT demonstration handout of another conference participant.
  • You are requested to send back your feedback due May 17, 2010.
  • Detailed information about the feedback process will follow soon.
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