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 Best of JURE 2010 Award Winners
 Best Paper Award
 Dominique Rauch, Nina Jude, & Johannes Naumann: Metalinguistic Awareness Mediates Effects of Biliteracy on L3 Reading Comprehension.
 Best Poster Award
 Daniela S. Schalke, Martin Brunner, & Romain Martin: The Impact of Grade Retention on Key Life Outcomes.
 Best Roundtable Award
 Natalie Förster & Elmar Souvignier: Curriculum-Based Measurement: Developing a Computer-Based Concept for Monitoring Student Reading Progress on Multiple Indicators.
 Best ICT Demonstration Award
 Giang Pham, Gerlinde Lenske, & Anna-Katharina Praetorius: An Evidence-Based Program for Increasing Teachers’ Sensitivity to Heterogeneity in the Classroom and Stimulating Awareness of Their Response Tendencies and Intuitive Theories of Teaching and Learning.
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Organizing committee JURE 2010
 JURE 2010 Theme  
 The theme for JURE 2010 is Connecting Diverse Perspectives on Learning and Instruction: A Conference of Synergy. Currently, there is a wide range of perspectives on learning and instruction within and across different specific domains (e.g. reading comprehension in foreign languages or multi-digit subtraction in mathematics). Moreover, the lifelong educational process is viewed from various focuses (e.g. collaborative learning or metacognitive regulation). Furthermore, many different quantitative and qualitative research methods coexist in the research area of education.
JURE 2010 aims to connect diverse perspectives in research on learning and instruction with the intention of exploring and discussing comprehensive and interdisciplinary ideas. By connecting these diverse perspectives, young researchers can broaden their view and learn from each other; this leads to synergetic incentives for future theoretical and empirical research.
 The Conference  
 JURE 2010 provides a wide range of opportunities for participants to engage in active exchange of ideas on the topic of learning and instruction. The Conference includes different presentation formats including keynotes, professional development courses, paper sessions, ICT demonstrations and interactive poster and round table sessions. With the aim of enhancing opportunities for in-depth discussion participants will review each others papers and posters within a peer-feedback process. Additionally, there is the chance to get feedback from experienced senior researchers on paper proposals. The aim of JURE is to contribute to the generation of an active and cohesive community of young researchers. Therefore, the conference also includes a lot of opportunities for informal chats during coffee breaks and lunch hours. And, last but not least, because we all appreciate some relaxation during all this intense scholarly activity, the programme includes social activities which will make the most of the summer in Frankfurt. The conference will focus on several business case studies, examples of these might be: the coca cola marketing strategy business study and the comcast customer service business miracle
 About JURE  
 The JURE “Junior Researchers of EARLI” is a network dedicated to the interests of all junior researchers of EARLI. The term “junior researchers” includes PhD-students and graduates who received their doctorate within the last two years. The primary aim of JURE is to represent and to support research students in matters of interest. Furthermore, learning and interaction among all junior researchers as well as among junior and senior researchers are significant goals for JURE. JURE organises meetings in which junior researchers can discuss their research topics with other juniors as well as with seniors, and where they can attend workshops on various topics, for instance academic writing and presentation skills. JURE provides a supportive environment in which juniors can socialize and participate in a scientific community. 
 About Goethe-University Frankfurt  
 Goethe-University Frankfurt is a lively, urban and cosmopolitan university that provides an excellent atmosphere to research, study, think and create. As one of the major institutions of higher education in Germany, the university provides a wide spectrum of disciplines in research and teaching. The Goethe-University carries out solid fundamental research and also supports practical application of knowledge. One major aim of the Goethe-University is to use the advantages and synergies of interdisciplinary work and of exchange in international networks. Find more information on http://www.uni-frankfurt.de/english/index.html. 
 About the DIPF  
 The DIPF (German acronym for German Institute for International Educational Research) is a non-university institute delivering scientific infrastructure and research services to researchers, practitioners, administrators and policy-makers in the field of education. The DIPF ensures the provision of information in education at a national level while also conducting research and evaluation in the field of education. Tasks in the area of educational research are mainly conducted by the three centres: Educational Quality and Evaluation, Educational Governance, as well as Education and Development. Find more information on http://www.dipf.de/en/institute. 
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